You are invited to take part in a variety of spiritual practices and challenging social justice conversations during this Lenten Season. On Ash Wednesday, worshipers will have the opportunity to confess sins, symbolically releasing them to our merciful God by writing them on a slip of paper and then tossing them into a fire pit upon departure.

Ash Wednesday, February 26   Make plans to be part of this evening of fellowship, worship, and reflection as we prepare our hearts for Lent:

  • 5:30-6:15pm  Faith Experience for Children (Kindergarten – 5th gr) with a Parent or Grandparent: “Dirt, Water, and Ashes – What’s Ash Wednesday All About?” This event begins in the Parlor and moves to various locations on our campus.
  • 5:45pm  Pancake Fellowship Dinner – Youth Suite
  • 7:00pm  Ash Wednesday Service with the imposition of ashes – Sanctuary

Even as we let go of that which holds us back from full communion with God, we are also challenged to take on the habits that bring about a transformed life. What spiritual practice might you take on this Lent? Perhaps it will be one of the four “quiet” practices explored in our recent Church School elective:  Breathing, journaling, silence, and meditation. Learn more about each of these practices and make your commitment by signing up now. When you do, you’ll receive a wonderful weekly email of encouragement from Marietta.