Youth Leadership

Westminster’s Youth Ministry has the support of the church and its members in many ways. The group is led by Youth Council, youth advisors, the Associate Pastor for Youth & Their Families, the staff, and the supportive congregation of WPC.

Youth Council

Youth council is a diverse group of senior and junior high youth, parents and volunteer advisors. Council sets the calendar, makes decisions about where to go for retreats, and organizes and evaluates the theology and success of programs.

Youth Advisors

Youth advisors are members of congregation and parents who have a calling to work with youth ministries. Some don’t realize they have the calling until they start working with the youth. Being a youth advisor can be as transforming for adults as it is the youth. Our advisors find that they learn as much from the kids as they teach. Without youth advisors, the youth program couldn’t exist.

Youth Leadership Team (YLT)

The Youth Leadership Team is a group of youth who are elected from each grade every year to plan and lead class dinners, reach out to youth in their grade, and voice concerns and ideas of youth.

Parent Support

As with everything else, the support of our parents is vital for our members. They taxi us to and from meetings on time, provide meals, and encourage participation.

Staff Support

We have an Associate Pastor for Youth Ministry who serves the church and Durham along with the youth of WPC in dynamic and creative ways.

Financial Support

The youth program is blessed with a supportive congregation and healthy budget. This allows for scholarships for those who need it, as well as multi-child discounts, aided in part by donations to the Associate Pastor’s discretionary fund. The Youth Group also fundraises for building the mission fund and reducing the cost per youth.