Nursery & Childcare

Westminster provides regular nursery and childcare during Sunday morning worship services and during the Church School hour. The Nursery is located on the ground floor of the Holderness Mission Center

New Nursery Guidelines for Fun and Safety

We’re excited to welcome infants, toddlers, and preschoolers through age 4 back into the church nursery beginning Sunday, July 11, from 9:30am–12:15pm! Each week, we’ll be in the nursery to welcome Westminster’s littlest ones.

What’s New?

We plan on spending the majority of our time outdoors! The last year has taught us that being outdoors is not only safer for everyone, and it is also a meaningful way to appreciate God’s good creation! Westminster is blessed to have a variety of play areas, so our nursery staff will choose an area that suits the age of children in attendance. Be sure to apply sunscreen and send them in comfortable clothes and shoes for outdoor play.

Parents will also need to sign in and provide contact information and answers to health screening questions before entering the building. Sign-in sheets are located at the entrances to the Sanctuary and the Mission Center.

Will There Be Goldfish?

We suggest you bring your own snack and drink; however, we will offer packages of goldfish and small cups of water as backup.

What About Masks?

All caregivers will wear masks the entire time they are with the children. Children should wear masks as well. We also welcome infants who cannot wear masks.

What Hasn’t Changed?

WPC cares deeply for all of God’s children. We aim to provide a safe and loving environment where each child can experience God’s love within this community of faith. In addition to the Building Sign-in Sheet, parents will sign in each child at the nursery entrance and leave their contact information for our caregivers. As always, we follow the Child & Youth Protection Policy, and we have worked closely with our preschool director Laura Johnson and Westminster’s COVID-19 Operations Committee to follow safety protocols, including sanitizing toys and surfaces.

Why Start at 9:30? Doesn’t Worship Begin at 11:00?

It has been a long time since we have been together in person. We hope that parents will use the extra time before worship to reconnect with one another and the staff, whether out on the Fellowship Hall Terrace or on the playground (if you have older children with you). If you don’t have older children with you, we invite you to join our in-person class for adults called The Present Word in Room 205.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. We can’t wait to see you this summer!