Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry is a program to recruit and train members of our congregation to provide one-on-one care to hurting people in and around our congregation.

Who are Stephen Ministers?

Stephen Ministers are members of our church who are recruited, trained, and supervised to provide care giving on behalf of our congregation. They receive more than 50 hours of initial training followed by twice-monthly continuing education and supervision sessions.

Stephen Ministers are trained to provide care to individuals experiencing a crisis or challenge such as medical problems, divorce, grief, loss of a job, hospitalization, relocation, or loneliness. Stephen Ministers are assigned a care receiver and meet with that care receiver for about an hour each week. This caring relationship will last as long as the care receiver needs it. Stephen Ministers do not charge for their services.The Stephen Minster does not offer solutions to problems; they listen, care, pray, and help the care receiver find his or her path to healing and wholeness.

Are Stephen Ministers counselors?

Stephen Ministers are not counselors; they are trained caregivers. Their role is to listen and care – not to give advice or counsel. Stephen Ministers are trained to recognize if a care receiver’s needs exceed what they can provide. If that occurs, your Stephen Minister will help you contact the appropriate healthcare professional.

If you would like more information on how to become a Stephen Minister or receive care from one, please contact the church office.