Adult Study Groups

Class offerings change from time to time as new interests develop within our congregation. Members and guests are invited to join any class at any time. We’re always happy to add new voices to the conversation.

Short-Term Electives

Sunday morning electives for adults are developed to meet the ever-changing needs of our congregation. Adults, married and single, with or without children, parents of elementary-aged children and youth, empty-nesters, and retired folks will all find relevant studies and discussions designed for forming faith in real life.

Bible Roundtable

This class focuses on one book of the Bible all year under the leadership of volunteer lay members of the congregation.

The Present Word

This class is designed to meet the needs of regular participants, occasional attendees, and visitors. Lessons focus on a passage of Scripture which serves as a complete lesson. Pertinent background information is shared before each discussion. Volunteer Bible scholars lead this class.


This class focuses on Christian faith and how it informs the day-to-day choices we make. Topics include what God says about how we live and treat others and about participation in sound  stewardship.