Weeding the groundsToday we worked with Children’s First Learning Centers to have a field day and a pool party. These are kids who come from underprivileged areas or families, and CFLC is a daycare/summer camp that the kids can go to while their parents work. There were several stations where kids could play games like sharks and minnows, and another where they could make stepping stones that went to a local elementary school in Asheville. The experience was a good bonding opportunity, and both the kids and the volunteers had a good time.

– Ben and Sam

Today, we woke up and drove to the Black Mountain Children’s Home. Our activities there included weeding, planting, and mulching their garden. After our hard work, we got to play with the animals such as, goats, sheep, alpacas, etc. We then ate lunch and drove to Pritchard Park. When we arrived, we handed out Popsicles and played games with the people around the park. There were lots of different people there, some who did not have homes, and had nothing to do during the day. We then came home, ate dinner, and played games. After the games we drove to the Asheville Labyrinth. After a long, silent, spiritual walk through the labyrinth, we found that the silence gave us time to think about our relationship with God and the people around us.

– Melissa and Alex

After we finished breakfast we headed out to the thrift store and sorted clothes, blankets, books, and more. We also found a knock knock joke book that we (unfortunately) bought. Later that day, after lunch we went to the Veteran’s Restoration Quarters which was an old motel (which Elvis stayed in!) that gives homeless Veterans with addictions and/or disabilities a place to stay and helps send them down a better path. We helped with the maintenance of the building and then listened to many inspirational stories including one from a veteran named Joey. After that we went to Asheville Boarding School to shower and then headed back to First Presbyterian Church for free time, dinner, an evening devotional, and finally after a long day we went to sleep.

– Ella & Elizabeth