Asheville Youth MissionMonday morning we got up at 6:45 from a very long night. The room was freezing because of the AC and a bunch of girls had woken up in the night because of it. We all ate a very good breakfast of cereal, breakfast bars, and fruit. After a quick mini worship we all departed for our activities, ours being the Homeward Bound shelter. We were cleaning everything inside and out. Diane’s group swept and mopped the floors and cleaned the staff bathrooms in the upstairs portion of the building while Dave’s group cleaned out the basement by mopping and scrubbing the bins. They also sorted through donations from giving people in the Asheville community. After that we took a short lunch break at one of the many nice parks in Asheville. Soon after we were back on the road and headed toward our new worksite, a labyrinth. There, we pulled weeds and restored the site to make it open and welcoming to the public. Then we came back to the church and made dinner for the youth. It was very chaotic, but fun at the same time. When dinner was made and cleaned up, members of the Asheville Youth Mission led us in fun activities that really expanded the minds of all the youth.

– Lauren Nichols and Drew Alderman

Monday morning we woke up at 7:00am and ate a cereal bowl breakfast. After playing games and getting ready, we split up into day groups. Then we all headed off at 8:30 to go to our designated work sites. Our work site was at a preschool for kids with special backgrounds. There we gardened some, and then got to know the kids by playing with them. At 12:00, we had lunch, which was a lunch each of us packed. Following lunch, we drove to our second work shop: a thrift store. Here, we worked sorting and displaying used goods in an orderly fashion. Next, we got to shower at a nearby boarding school which was very refreshing. We all drove back in our buses smelling nice, and had a fun taco dinner where we shared our daily experiences.

– Josh Howell and Rachel Peters

Today our group (Chipotle) went to the Emma Elementary School and Open Hearts Art Center. At the elementary school we built a garden bed so that the students could take home fresh vegetables over the summer. We learned that in this county 53% of students get free and reduced lunch. After that we went to a day center for adults with disabilities. The center uses art to help with their disabilities. At the Open Hearts Art Center we threw a Fourth of July themed party for them. The best part of the trip was when we learned that even though the people had disabilities they are still active members in society. Also, to help contribute at the mission center we set up for breakfast for tomorrow morning.

– Ashley Vann and Nick Mountain