Wednesday began with the typical obnoxiously loud wake up call blaring through the speakers at 7:15 followed by a few cups of coffee which, in the words of a fellow ASPer, "looked like dish water and tasted like kool-aid." After loading up the van, Draco (Megan, Jack, David, Sara, and I) headed out to our work site for another day of hard work. Our task for the day was to finish the subflooring in both the bathroom and bedroom. We were making steady progress in both rooms when tragedy struck: a water pipe broke in the bathroom. Water was spewing out into the bathroom as well as underneath the house as we scrambled to find the off switch. We found it after a couple minutes and stopped the flow. So that stopped our progress for a little while. Cody (an ASP staffer) eventually came out to repair the broken pipe. While the bathroom progress was halted, the subflooring in the bedroom was finished. Retrospectively, we decided to not reveal the name of the person who broke the pipe but decided to blame it on Draco as a whole. It turned out to be a late day on the site as we didn’t return back to our center until 530. After showering, hanging out and eating dinner, we headed to Mimi’s for our nightly ice cream. Upon return, I was asked if I wanted to go snipe hunting by our new friends from Wilmington. As anyone who has seen the movie "Up" knows, snipes aren’t a real thing. I, unfortunately, didn’t make the connection and was tricked into hunting for a made up bird (don’t ask). I have had a great time so far and I’m looking forward to what the rest of the week holds!

– Jack