January is a great time of year to join Westminster’s Chancel Choir. Except for the colder weather, January is just like September – the start of a whole new season in choir.

Now that Christmas is over, we begin the new year with a clean slate, and we’ll soon be preparing music for one of the most spiritually meaningful seasons of the church year: Lent and Easter. We will also start working on our spring choral program, to be presented on Sunday, May 7.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get involved in Westminster’s choral program. You are welcome to try us out – with no obligation to join – by coming to any of our rehearsals. The Chancel Choir meets in the beautiful Music Room (upper level of the Mission Center, just above the Parlor) on Thursdays at 7:30pm.

In addition to its musical focus, our choir is all about friendship and fellowship. This is a very fun-loving and caring group, always eager to welcome new friends!

Contact: Monica Rossman