In worship on Sunday, October 22, Pastor Leon noted that all of us are called, and the call changes through time. Right now we are looking for people called to work with the children in the classrooms of Haiti, children like this little girl we met on our latest visit.

Some of Westminster’s best teachers are developing a hands-on curriculum for pre-school and first/second graders in the Haiti Outreach Ministries schools. We need others to travel to Haiti to experience one of the best weeks in your life. Education is the only way out of poverty for the people of Haiti and you can directly help these children be successful.

The Haiti Education Mission Trip is scheduled for spring 2018. We need about 12 folks to be part of the team: to learn the materials, meet the Haitian teachers, lead the programs, and work directly with the children in the classrooms. If you are a teacher, former teacher, Church School teacher, Scout leader, or a willing assistant who loves children and loves learning, we invite you to be part of the team.

For more information or to sign up now, please contact either Dorene Palermo ( or Pat Gunter (

Note: Youth below the age of 15 are not eligible to participate even with an accompanying parent. Speak to a pastor if scholarship assistance is required.