On Sunday, May 21, during the 11am service, we will invite the Godly Play graduates (rising 2nd graders) to gather at the chancel steps during the Children’s Message. We will present them to the congregation with a special blessing and a charge for the congregation. The blessing is a time of celebration for what they have experienced through Godly Play and the charge for the congregation is to welcome our graduates into the full experience of worship. This day will mark the graduates’ transition from leaving the service after the Children’s Message to remaining as part of the full worshipping body of Christ.

We charge the congregation to extend grace and compassion as the Godly Play graduates get acclimated to this new rhythm and accustomed to using the new things they have learned, like getting ready to enter into the holy space of the Sanctuary, praying the Lord’s Prayer, singing together, and watching closely to see where the Spirit will be seen as we worship. They will be watching you to learn more of what it means to be a worshipping community. But you might also watch them, because they too have experienced the holy and can teach us a thing or two.