Stewardship 2022: “Draw Near to the Lord”

Exodus 16:9
God had just liberated the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. God’s people marched through the Red Sea and danced and sang on the other side – they were free! They were exhausted, but also knew they had more difficult days ahead.

Through a pandemic and continued mounting crises, most of us can understand in some small way how they might have felt. When will we get there, God? Will we ever be able to truly rest with all of this behind us? We are weary, to our bones.

But in the midst of their hunger, God called their leaders, Moses and Aaron, together. The people were hungry and complaining, yet God, always generous, told the people that God would accompany them and provide for them every single day. Moses instructed Aaron to say to the people, “Draw near to the Lord.” God has heard your cries. God takes care of you. God calls us to be more fully connected to God and all of God’s people.

These notions of trust and connection have been so important to the Stewardship Committee as we considered this year’s campaign. As a community, we have been disconnected for much of the past 18 months. While this pandemic is not over, we are still finding beautiful ways to be connected. We worship together in person and online. Church School classes and youth group fill the courtyard. Our staff and committees have tackled the challenges of gathering with creativity and dedication. Through it all, God has not only remained faithful; God has shown us new ways to be together, to listen and learn and advocate for justice, and to care and pray. It has been an exhausting but also a powerful season. We have learned and grown, completed our new Fellowship Hall, made other important investments in our campus, and provided numerous, generous gifts to the community.

We invite you into a season of reflection on how God has accompanied you in this time. When have you struggled? We all have, but also, when have you felt God draw near? What have you seen and learned in this time? How is the Holy Spirit at work? We are so excited for the ways we can continue to “draw near to the Lord” through the many ministries of WPC and beyond.

The Stewardship Committee would like you to consider:

  • If you have made a pledge to WPC previously, we are so grateful. We would like you to make a pledge again and increase it if you can.
  • If you have not made a pledge recently, please make one now. Increasing the number of members who pledge helps us better grow and plan for the future and helps us all feel more connected.
  • If you are newer to our community, I invite you to make a financial commitment in the form of a pledge to the mission and ministry of WPC. Your pledged giving enables the church to better and more strategically plan and budget for the future.

Stewardship is an invitation to participate in the work of the Spirit at Westminster. Your commitment of financial pledges is critical to Westminster’s mission and ministry and to the future of this church. Pledges help us build and plan as we move forward into God’s future together. We need every household to make a commitment. Why? Because God is, in God’s own heart, the One who gives. We are called, as followers of this same God, to be generous.

Download a 2022 Pledge of Giving form, fill it in, and return it to the church office, submit your 2022 pledge now through your myWPC account (download instructions).