Preparing a Place – Stewardship 2020

At Westminster right now there are a lot of physical changes happening around us. But we sense something more happening at a deeper level, change that perhaps we can’t see as clearly. What is the posture of our hearts at this time? What is God doing in us as we get ready to live into this new season together?

God is preparing a place for us – shaping us, teaching us, guiding us – a place that is lasting and true, both seen and felt. God is a God who never stays still, but pushes and moves, creating and recreating, forming and re-forming us each day. The physical changes only matter if we do the internal, spiritual work needed as well, allowing Jesus Christ to continue to shape us into the people and community we are truly called to be each day.

This fall’s Stewardship Campaign, Preparing a Place, will be a time when we can reflect upon our common life together and listen for the Holy Spirit’s leadings. Westminster is a congregation of generous people, who have invested much time and energy and work, but commitments of financial gifts are critical to the work of the future here; in fact, none of it happens without your pledges. While much good work has happened, we must all step forward to ensure our beautiful campus is taken care of for future generations, our talented staff are well-supported, and that we dig in and continue to – in a season of much instability and suffering in the world – increase support for our critical partner agencies that are feeding and clothing and housing. Our children and youth programs are strong, for we know that God’s preparation of a place for young people to grow in faith is so important for our future.

Stewardship is an invitation to participate in the work of the Spirit at Westminster. Pledges help us build and plan as we move forward into God’s future together. We need every single person, every single family, to make a commitment. Why? Because God is, in God’s own heart, One who gives. We are called, as followers of this same God, to be generous. How will we respond?


As we journey through this season, we will seal our hearts with 31 days of prayer for Westminster, as we listen for God’s call to us. We aren’t praying for money or larger pledges, but that God might work God’s own purposes out through each of us. Download the Prayer Calendar.

Commitment Sunday, October 27

October 27 will be Commitment Sunday, when members of the congregation will come forward during worship to respond to God’s call to live and give generously, as together we dedicate our pledges to God.

Additional Resources

  • Discernment Questions – Questions for prayerful reflection on how you are called to respond to God’s generosity and to Christ’s teaching to love God and neighbor
  • About Giving & Stewardship at Westminster – Why give? How much to give? Where does the money go? We answer these questions and more with this giving FAQs piece.
  • 2020 Giving Grid – Find your current level of giving on the Giving Grid at the intersection of your Annual Income row and the Monthly Giving column. Determine what kind of steps you can take for your personal giving.
  • 2020 Commitment Card – Indicate how you will commit to the mission and ministry of Westminster in 2020. Bring your completed card with you to worship on October 27, or mail it to the church office.