2013 Stewardship Campaign

Stewardship 2013 LogoThe theme of Westminster’s 2013 Stewardship campaign is
“We are a community, a covenant people.” These words, taken from the Act of Confession that we read every Sunday, serve to remind us of two fundamental elements of our faith: we are blessed to enjoy a deeply personal, covenantal relationship with God; and we are called to respond to this by acting together as a community. We hope that this year’s Stewardship efforts will provide everyone the opportunity to come to a deeper understanding of the covenantal aspects of one’s faith, as well as an appreciation for the profound joy that is derived from giving and acting together as a committed community of faith.

Westminster Community Stewardship Relay

This year your pledge materials will be delivered to you personally via the Westminster Community Stewardship Relay. The Relay will run from October 21 to November 5. It is our hope that the process will bind this community, this covenant people, together in new and meaningful ways.

How it works

  • Our congregation has been divided into Paths of approximately 10 families each.
  • A Pledge Pack containing the materials needed to make your financial and Time & Talent pledges to WPC will be relayed from family to family down the Path.
  • When the Pack comes to you, please fill out your pledge forms, seal them in the security envelope provided, contact the next family on the Path, and deliver the Pack to them.

A Path Guide assigned to your Path will monitor the progress of the Pack along the Path, answer your questions, and provide overall support throughout the process


Share Your Stories

When the Stewardship Committee decided to do a Community Stewardship Relay, we realized that a potential benefit would be the chance it afforded folks to come to know each other a little better. We’d love to hear about your experience as a participant in the Relay. If you’d like to share a story or two, please do so here.

Newsletter Articles


  • September 30 – “What Makes You Happy?” by Chris Tuttle
  • October 7 – “Keeping the Sabbath” by Taylor Lewis Guthrie Hartman
  • October 14 – “What Can I Give?” by Betty Berghaus
  • October 21 – “1.8, 127, 10” by Chris Tuttle

Sharing Our Mission Testimonies


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