Your old sheet music can help musicians at two different seminaries in Mexico. The Berea Presbyterian Seminary is run by the Chól-speaking presbytery in Chiapas. Chól is a pre-Colombian Mayan language. The seminary has been a Bible School since about 1968, but recently upgraded to seminary level.

Seminary San Pablo is the largest Presbyterian Seminary in Mexico. It has a school of theology and a school of music. The music students learn choral direction, composition, voice, and instrument. Both schools could use any kind of sheet music, however, classical and religious music for piano or guitar are preferred.

If you have ever been on one of our mission trips to Mexico, you know what an important part music plays in their worship services. If you have music to donate, contact Dottie Bartholomay ( by Wednesday, January 7. The Berea Seminary is also in need of a piano and several keyboards. Talk with Dottie if you would like to make a contribution toward these items.