Blog post written by Dorene Palermo.

By now we are getting a little tired of being HOT! Our showers are a blessing, but the effect only lasts so long.

Today we are targeting only 100 medical patients, but Joe has a full set of dental patients, maybe 10-15? He is upstairs and we don’t really see much of him. Even his waiting line is upstairs and out of sight. However, EVERYONE downstairs knew exactly when he got a compressor that worked! After days and days and failed repair attempt after failed repair attempt, on the last day we rented a compressor ($65 for the day) that arrived at about 11 am.

Joe conveniently had the noisy device positioned outside so the noise was not in his work area. Unfortunately (and unintended he assures the medical guys) the compressor was just outside the open windows of the doctors and sounded like full-fledged construction 3 feet away. Needless to say it is hard to use a stethoscope on a construction site!

We were fortunate that the morning went more quickly than the past couple of days. In the relative peace, Kay was able to begin the inventory of the treatment room, to speed the final work when we are done. We had done more than 60 by lunch time which was certainly fortuitous because on this our last day, everyone brought in their leftover “fixin’s” for lunches. The pharmacy team made PB&J sandwiches before the prescriptions from the first patients arrived. We got cold drinks for all the team and the translators, and we all took a lunch break on the benches in the sanctuary together. The remaining cookies, nuts, etc. were distributed to the Haitians after we ate, and it was like a miniature “feeding the 5000” only it was only 25 or 26 folks. There was more than enough for all!

After lunch, while we waited for everyone to finish, final inventory of the pharmacy got underway. Translators began wishing us good bye and we called everyone together to get the team photos. After a few minutes the chaos turned to order and we got the pictures. Joe went back to finish his last two patients, and the rest of us started folding up tables, and stacking chairs. The long, hot, wonderful week has come to an end.

We were honored with some visitors before dinner — members of the HOM administration came to the Palm Inn Hotel to thank us for coming and wish us well: Semo, our interface to HOM for the mission team logistics, one of the pastors at Cite Soliel Church where we enjoyed the great music on Sunday; Mrs. Sterling, this very nice and capable woman who is in charge of the translators and the tap taps; and two others visited with us on the hotel patio, but left before dinner.

Everyone was tired, but we all feel it has been a very good week. Tomorrow we will spend the morning touring Port au Prince, have lunch, and get to the airport by 3:30pm. Everyone is already checking out the cool temperatures in NC. The 49 degrees forecast for tonight is only 1/2 what the temperatures have been every day this week here. We are all ready for that!