“Do you know about God? Or do you know God? There is a big difference!” — Ben Campbell Johnson

A new year lies ahead of us. There is so much we don’t know about the coming months and many feel alone, confused, and lost. It is in times like these that we need companions for the journey, as well as the Companion who promises to help us through. In 2022, we invite you to go deeper – to join fellow companions in “finding and following the God we seek.”

Coming this month, we will begin an exploration of what it means for people of faith to be on pilgrimage. Pilgrimage is both a metaphorical concept as well as a physical journey.  It is to travel to a sacred place for a sacred purpose, but it is also a way of living one’s life before God. We will offer a variety of ways to explore pilgrimage and we hope you’ll join your companions on the journey!

Pilgrims Progress bookNEW Sunday Morning Elective – The PIlgrim’s Compass: Finding and Following the God We Seek
January 9 – February 27, Led by Cherrie Barton Henry, Room 205

Faith is both personal and communal.  Come gain a pilgrim’s heart as we journey through Paul Lang’s The PIlgrim’s Compass: Finding and Following the God We Seek and explore the adventure of Christian discipleship. Register and order the book now



Aperture: 3rd Wednesdays – Rev. Paul H. Lang: Preacher, Teacher, Leader 
January 19, 7:00pm, In-Person in the Music Room and on Zoom

Our first Aperture of 2022 brings to us the Rev. Paul Lang, pastor of Cary Presbyterian Church and author of several books, including The PIlgrim’s Compass: Finding and Following the God We Seek. Books will be available for purchase for $15 each. You can sign up for a book when registering.  Register now


Durham Pilgrimage of Pain and Hope  April 1- 3, 2022

Do you want to love your city? Are you looking for ways to connect your faith with the place you live? The Durham Pilgrimage of Pain and Hope is an opportunity to connect Durham’s story, your own story, and God’s story. Through a weekend of visiting important places, hearing the stories of leaders who have shaped the city, and engaging in Biblical reflection with a cohort of fellow pilgrims, participants reckon with the challenges Durham has faced and witness the hope in our community. Westminster Presbyterian Church will be going on a pilgrimage April 1, at 3:00pm through April 3, at 4:00pm. Get the details and register now