Test your knowledge about volunteering with the youngest members of our church family on Sunday mornings!

1. I’ll be in the nursery by myself with lots of kids.
False. Nursery volunteers serve in teams of 2-3 people and are joined by a paid nursery staff person.

2. I’ll have to change a diaper or take kids to the restroom.
False. Our fantastic nursery staff is responsible for that.

3. I have to complete a training.
True. All WPC volunteers who work with children must complete the Child & Youth Protection Policy Training.

4. I can’t volunteer with my spouse or family member.
False. Because we have at least one nursery staff person serving in each nursery, two related adults or married couples are welcome to serve together.

5. I can get a sub for Sundays when I can’t make it.
True. Volunteers on other teams are able to switch dates or sub for you, and the nursery coordinators are available if you need help finding a sub. You can use these instructions to view the schedule and find a sub.

As a nursery volunteer, you’re making it possible for parents to be fully present in worship by helping provide a safe, nurturing space to take their children. You’re also helping kiddos know and understand that they are part of a big community that loves and cares for them!

Sign up for a nursery volunteer team today. We still need 34 more volunteers to fill the nursery volunteer schedule. Please join us in this important ministry!

Contact: Katie Walker (kvdwalker@gmail.com)