I hope things are going well back in Durham. Things are going great here! Everyone seems to have recovered from the jet lag by now (10:30 Saturday night and still sunny outside) and we made it through dinner without anyone falling asleep at the table which is an accomplishment. We spent most of today exploring downtown Glasgow, going to a museum about various religions and visiting the Glasgow Cathedral as well as it’s Necropolis. Seeing a cathedral that was started in the 12th century really opened a lot of our eyes to the history of the Church and the chaos that those went through during the Protestant Reformation. We then went to dinner at a little pub where we enjoyed pizza and the World Cup. Finally to close out the night, we sat on the stairs of a library and 6 people did "10 minute life stories." It was moving to see what everyone was willing to share with our group and I look forward to hearing everyone else’s over the rest of the trip! After 23,947 steps or 10 miles, plenty of "selfies in Scotland" and many strange looks when we repeatedly call the currency a "Euro," it is safe to say we have made the most of our day. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in Glasgow but we are off to Edinburgh tomorrow morning. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity given to us- thanks to Westminster! I look forward towards the rest of our trip and getting even closer with this group of travelers and God.

Best Wishes,
Anna Rosemond

P.S. Dad, Mom, and Charlie- I met a European pug today! His name was Buster. Not quite as cute as Blossom but cured my need for some pug hugs. Love y’all!