By Alex Stayer-Brewington, Associate Pastor of Youth & Their Families

Our Christian faith is a simple religion concerned with ordinary objects. Animals, tables, and books. Bread, wine, and water. Wood and nails. The items that inhabit our holiest stories are also the stuff of everyday life. Communion bread comes from the grocery store or somebody’s kitchen, and the water in our baptismal fount comes from the same sink where I rinse out my coffee mug. Through and despite their humble origins, these elements become vehicles for the miraculous to occur.

drive-throughI was reminded of this on Rally Day last Sunday when about 200 of you (not including dogs and a cat) drove through our church driveway to wave and say a quick hello. In our brief interactions there were no profound theological debates and the skies didn’t open up to reveal any heavenly choruses. There was only the simple pleasure of looking one another in the eyes and smiling – connecting face-to-face with the most elemental and profound of human gestures.

Simple though it may be, our faith is built on nothing less than the promise of God’s presence when two or three of us are gathered together. It took several long months of pandemic isolation and then seeing you again in person last Sunday to remind me of the fact that being with other people is fundamental to who we are as Christians and as human beings. Thank you to everyone who came out. Your presence was a sacred gift.