Countering Pharaoh’s Production-Consumption Society Today

Sundays, January 7 – February 11
9:45-10:45am in Room 204
Facilitator: Chris Tuttle

This 6-week elective confronts participants with the comparison of the enslavement of the Hebrew people in Egypt to the enslavement of Americans struggling with the unending demands of the consumer society that defines us.

A tour-de-force with preacher-professor-prophet Walter Brueggemann, Countering Pharaoh brings insights to the story of the Exodus that transforms it into a demanding call on the lives of 21st century people of faith. “It is a journey from slavery to covenant that we keep making over and over again… [because] Pharaoh has immense power always to draw us back into slavery,” says Brueggemann.

WARNING: This program may be hazardous to your church, society, and the American way of life, and could potentially help restore the meaning of covenant.