On April 19, at a called meeting of the Session, the Session approved the following motion, brought to them by the Marriage Discernment Committee, a subcommittee of the Session:

The Marriage Discernment Committee moves that the Session approve the use of Westminster’s facilities for weddings of two people of any gender, using the guidelines established in our church’s Wedding Manual; and that the Session communicate its decision to the congregation in a pastoral letter.

The Session believes that marriage is an important issue and that all of our members should share equal privileges and responsibilities of membership, including the right to be married in their church. This has weighed heavily on us as we have made promises while we welcomed new members, baptized children, and examined confirmands.

Another piece that was important to us all along was that we value each other, as brothers as sisters in Christ, even when we disagree. We value a church where beliefs differ and where many voices can be expressed without fear of judgment. We believe that a diversity of theological perspectives is one of the key ways that the Holy Spirit teaches us.

Read the full text of Chris’s letter to the congregation about the Session’s decision. Resources and pastors’ testimony on same-gender marriage are available here.