December 3, 2014 Newsletter 

In this Issue:
Concerns & Celebrations, Christmas Eve Offering, Keep Middle Schoolers Warm, Honor a Loved One, Your 2014 Pledge, Grab a Helping Hand Bag, Strategic Planning Survey, Children’s Christmas Pageant, Church School Elective 3: All Is …, Lovefeast, Advent Dinner & Carol Sing-Along, Advent Lessons & Carols Service, Intergenerational Christmas Caroling, WPC Men’s Basketball, Denson Apartment Dedication, Thursday Night Men’s Fellowship, Advent Preparation Celebration, Save the Date: Sacraments Class, New Location for The Present Word, Westminster School for Children, Welcome, New Members!, Reflection on Stephen Ministry, Year-End Contribution Guidelines, Youth Ministry, Community Opportunities, Preaching Schedule , Worship Volunteers