Haiti clinicSunday starts early – 7 am we loaded the van with the pharmaceuticals and dresses we bought and headed to church. It was a ‘doubleheader’ with our first hour at Pastor Leon’s church in Cite Sole. As first time visitors to the church we each received a ribbon pinned on us by an usher. After observing a couple dedicating their young son to the church, listening to wonderful singing, including two songs from Triangle Presbyterian from Durham (believe it or not!) and communion, we traveled for the second hour to Pastor Leon’s church in Menelas. We arrived at this service just in time to have our second communion and the actual sermon, Malachi 3.7. After communion, Taylor was led up to the front by Pastor Leon where he explained we would be giving out dresses to little girls and had Taylor lead the congregation in prayer.

Downtown Port au PrinceAs the congregation dispersed, the uncertainty became replaced with the beginnings of chaos as we began giving out the dresses to the beautiful little girls who were sitting in their section at the rear of the church. It was an amazing experience – from little boys shaking our hands and communicating with us with their eyes, to little girls sitting in their seats afraid they might be overlooked, to proud sisters and mothers, and sly little girls trying to get a dress of a different color. Each person in our team had his or her own special moment before Pastor Leon finally had to bring our work to an end.

That was a hard act to follow, but I think the next couple of hours that the team spent at the clinic getting oriented, checking out the facility, working out the plan for tomorrow still was a significant period for us.

Believe it or not, all this was done by noon. The afternoon was filled with lunch at the Oloffson Hotel, complete with bizarre art, a guided tour of Port au Prince – unexpected sights, and a welcome visit to an AIR CONDITIONED museum.

We got back to the hotel at 4, took a break, had a brief work session, dinner, and we are now dispersed to play, rest, or whatever to be ready for real work in the morning.

This was a day the Lord made, and we surely rejoiced in it.

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