The church has contracted with the C.T. Wilson Construction Company of Durham to replace the Sanctuary roof and gutters, repair wood roof and window trim, and repaint all exterior trim, windows and doors (except columns and front portico that were done last summer). The roof and gutters that will be replaced are the 1986 originals. Work will begin on Monday, April 17, and will be completed within six weeks.

While construction work is underway, we’ll all need to make some temporary changes to our daily routines. Everyone is asked to be especially careful and take extra safety precautions when on campus and while coming and going.

What Should I Expect? Beginning on Monday, April 17, construction scaffolding will be erected along the full length of the Sanctuary building on both sides. This is the same iron framework you’ve probably seen at many downtown construction sites. Scaffolding will extend along the front portico on both sides and there will be covered walkways on both sides. Both rear entrances to the building will remain accessible for emergency use during the week, and can be used as usual on the weekends with care.

All construction work will be done during normal working hours Monday through Friday. No work will be performed after hours or on weekends. A single compact dumpster will occupy one parking space near the work site but not in the handicapped parking area, and it will be removed at the end of each day. The site will be completely cleaned up at the end of each day, and the contractor will take any additional steps to ensure our ordinary use of the Sanctuary every weekend.

What Should I Do? While construction is in progress, a good general rule for everyone is that the site belongs to the contractor during normal working hours Monday through Friday. During these times, we should all be able to use the Sanctuary without any problem using the front entrance only. Do not use the rear entrances during the week except in case of emergency. Be especially aware of construction traffic in the parking lots and driveways, and take a little extra care when in your vehicles, and while moving to and from parking.

Please take special care of your children. When the work is underway, the campus will not be the safe haven we’ve come to enjoy. Children are especially susceptible to dangers from falling debris… and natural inclinations to climb. Extra vigilance by everyone and close supervision by parents are the only ways to keep children safe on an active construction site.

If you have any concerns or suggestions about the project at any time, please call Office Manager Elizabeth Takla (919-489-4974, ext. 122), or Facilities & Grounds Committee chair Doug Wellemeyer (