The Congregational Care Committee supports the inreach of the church to members, especially in times of need. Congregational Care leaders coordinate getting meals, transportation, or other needs to folks on a short-term basis to help our church families through crises. The committee has oversight of Stephen Ministry, which enables church members to listen to folks who need to talk through crises in their lives. The committee takes care to send out cards from the deacons when concerns or celebrations arise in members’ lives.

The Congregational Care Committee generally does not have or need much budget money, although there are funds to reimburse folks for food preparation, gas, or other needs. The Birthday Committee, a subcommittee of Congregational Care, mails birthday cards to adults in the congregation, so funds are spent to purchase stamps and to print these cards, which feature art work created by WPC member Margaret Jones.

Congregational Care is particularly charged with helping the pastors take care of the congregation, and they do a wonderful job of it because this church is very good at taking care of one another.