Adult Christian Education (ACE) is now a committee unto itself, providing a sharper focus on ways to provide opportunities for adults to spend time learning about and exploring God’s truth all around us. It shares the Children and Youth Christian Education Committee budget of $14,300. Decisions on how to spend funds in the ACE budget are reviewed at monthly meetings in conjunction with the Director of Christian Education.

ACE supports and provides resources for:

  • Three on-going classes for adults on Sunday mornings (Bible Roundtable, Sojourners, and The Present Word)
  • Sunday morning electives offered in 5-6 week terms
  • Aperture: Third Wednesdays evening presentations on various topics of interest to the WPC community
  • Week-day studies including the Monday Morning Bible Study, Doorways, Seekers, the Men’s Breakfast Book Study

The ACE budget funds are mostly for honorariums for guest speakers, resources for class facilitators, and hospitality for special gatherings. Examples of those opportunities include:

Aperture: Third Wednesdays has been well received as we’ve hosted guest speakers such as Dr. William Willimon, David Crabtree, and Rev. Alfredo Miranda with 20-50 participants.

This fall we introduced a special Sunday evening series on dementia. “Dementia: Navigating the Long Unknown” was organized and hosted by the Mental Health Task Force utilizing local professionals as guest speakers. There have been approximately 65 participants from Westminster and the community.

This year we experimented with a Lenten Community Book Read, inviting the congregation to join in reading “Way of Love” by Norman Wirzba. Our pastors beautifully integrated themes of Wirzba’s book into the sermons during Lent. Two movie/discussion nights were offered, online discussions, and a final Aperture with Norman Wirzba. There were approximately 75 participants in at least one of these aspects of the Lenten Community Book Read.