The Global Missions Committee oversees and promotes the mission-related work of Westminster outside of Durham County. We focus on mission work within North Carolina and the US, as well as around the world. The primary areas that the committee focuses on include: mission trips and outreach in Haiti; disaster relief and response; supporting missionaries in Mexico; organizing the Crop Walk; packing meals to feed hungry people in developing countries; supporting widows and music ministry in Kiev; and bringing One World Market to our congregation. This work touches and improves the lives of people in need, but also grows the faith and spirit of WPC members who participate in and support these missions.

Our committee uses annual funding from the church budget as well as special dedicated funds and fundraising to support all of these missions. Often participants in several of our activities and missions pay their own way, fundraise, or share in the cost of supporting these missions. Each year we consider how best to adapt our budget request to the interests of the congregation and emerging needs around our country and the globe. One current focus is examining whether or not we can add a second annual mission trip to Haiti and what resources we might need to support that effort.

We are always looking for ideas and folks in the congregation to support this important work of the church. Please contact Bo Ferguson if you want more information about supporting the work of Global Missions.