In a continuing effort to share a better understanding of the church’s financial strengths and needs, the Session is undertaking a series of newsletter articles about how committees work to define the mission and program of the church, and how the program is funded and managed through the operating budget. The fifth installment explains the Assimilation Committee’s work.

The Assimilation Committee works annually with a budget of $400. On a regular basis we work well within this allotment. Our current year-to-date expenditures total $101.85. Our primary expenditures revolve around hosting two new member dinners. The committee organizes and serves dinner after the fall and spring Inquirers’ class to our new members. This dinner among committee members, staff, and new members is an intimate way to get to know members and help share all of Westminster’s ministries and opportunities for involvement. We also use our budget to cover the mailing cost of Time &Talent pledge forms.

During years when the Assimilation Committee is organizing a new photo directory (2015) or printing permanent congregational name tags (2016) we have used almost the entirety of our budget. Westminster continues to grow and we hope that projects such as the directory and name tags aid members in getting to know one another. For the next 2-3 years we do not foresee any large expenses. We have enough supplies to provide name tags to new members and the children graduating from Godly Play.

We appreciate your continued support as we work to get people involved in the rich life of WPC.