“On Being a Quiet Christian” – A New Church School Elective
February 2 – February 23, 9:45 -10:45am
Facilitated by Geoff Vaughn

This is a class for adolescents and adults who want connection at church, but also crave quiet and reflective time – perhaps by themselves – for spiritual growth. It’s also ideal for those…

  • Who need time alone with God at least as much as they need time with a church community;
  • Who relate to the solitude and quiet spaces in the Bible and the figures who sought them out;
  • Who, when alone, often find greater calm, clarity, and creativity as Christians; and
  • Who simply may be looking for new ways to reflect on and engage with the upcoming season of Lent.

Join us in exploring these topics and more through four Quiet Practices that will involve reading, prayer, breathing, meditation, and writing, among other ways of engaging with oneself and God. All are welcome!

ContactMarietta Wynands, Director of Christian Education