Continue the conversation from September’s Aperture event in this three-week Fall Church School elective, facilitated by Geoff Vaughn. Two separate groups will meet for three Sundays each.

  • Confirmation Class starts Sept 20 This class will be for parents and caregivers of our 2021 Confirmands. During these sessions we will discuss spiritual perspectives, confusion, challenges and growth of our eighth graders and how we can better support them on their spiritual journeys. We will also devote time to discussing specific challenges they are experiencing in this season of the pandemic, of the social and political unrest in our world, and their resultant uncertainty, frustration and fear.
  • “In These Challenging Times” Class starts Oct 11 This class will serve as an extension of the Aperture Class facilitated on September 16 (but attendance at that initial session is not necessary). We will continue our investigation of how the myriad current stressors in our communities continue to generate significant internal stress, as well as ways we can find relief, comfort, and support as this season of uncertainty wears on.

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Watch a message from Geoff about the topics he’ll be covering in this timely elective.

Geoff Vaughn is a Medical Family Therapist at the Duke Cancer Institute. His clinical focus is on coping with traumatic experiences. Geoff provides psychotherapy for teens and young adults with cancer.