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Online Worship Services

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  1. Online Worship Services : Speaking and Acting, Acting and Speaking

    Psalm 111
    Mark 1:21-28

    Texts like this always make me think about teachers. You educators among us hopefully have some idea of what a gift you are to your students. But, looking back, I realize that most of the best teachers I have had, I only rarely remember any of the CONTENT they taught me.

    Mrs. Faison, in the 2nd grade at Charles Ellis Elementary in Savannah, Georgia, took the kid who didn’t know what to do and wasn’t sure how he fit as the only white kid in the class, which was a new experience for me, and preferred to hole up in the corner with a book, and offered me chances for leadership, connected me with my classmates. Mrs. Edwards in 4th grade took the time to get to know me in Black Mountain when I was the new kid. Mrs. Eubanks and Mrs. Gardner in 5th grade showed me how working really hard and driving ahead could also be really fun. Coach McElrath in 10th grade introduced me to the history of civilizations, from North Africa to the Middle East to the Romans and Greeks. Mrs. Caldwell in 12th grade had a way of asking questions about great literature that brought excitement. I bet you can name some. I’ve told you before about teachers I had in church school who showed up and prepared in seasons when I was the only child in middle school Sunday school at Black Mountain Presbyterian. Of teachers who I’m sure taught great things, but it was even more about who they were.

  2. Online Worship Services : I’d Rather Be A Ninevite

    Psalm 62:5-12
    Jonah 3:1-5, 10

    Let’s play a word game to get us started with this text, shall we? What are the first words that come to mind when I say Jonah?

    These images and words have likely been floating around in your heart and mind since childhood, haven’t they? The story of Jonah is one of those texts that everyone – great and small – can hold on to and recall with vivid detail.

    As children, the story of Jonah is spun like a fairytale: Jonah defies God and is thrown overboard a ship, only to be rescued by a giant fish that swallows him up whole. Once Jonah prays, the fish spits him out on land and all ends well.

  3. Online Worship Services : Come and See

    Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18
    John 1:43-51

    April before last my preaching group met in Birmingham. Wednesday we went to the west side of town to the Civil Rights Institute, an important institution that tells the story of the movement – connecting Birmingham’s role in the Freedom Rides in the summer of 1961, King’s arrest and letter from the Birmingham jail. We walked across the street to the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, where on September 15, 1963, four members of the KKK placed sticks of dynamite under a stairwell during Sunday school, killing: Carol Denise McNair (11), Addie Mae Collins, Carole Robertson, and Cynthia Wesley were 14. A gentleman in his 70s who had grown up in the church walked us downstairs, then back up into the sanctuary. “Come and see,” he said. Come and see. We stood in silence by the stained glass window that had been blown out that day, leaned on the pulpit from which Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. preached, and then after that the doors swung open and children, two by two, locking arms, marched down the steps and across the street into a park where they were met with dogs and water cannons.

  4. Online Worship Services : Adjusting the Itinerary

    Isaiah 60:1-6
    Matthew 2:1-12

    What do you do when things don’t go as planned?  When all of the work you have done, all of the journey you have traveled, so much time and energy invested, has to be changed? Because, as every single one of us knows, life doesn’t go according to plan. You get sick. The car breaks down. Your child breaks her arm. The project at work falls apart. You get snow when you don’t expect it and the world shuts down for a couple of days. We spend good portions of each day trying to adjust to what is handed to us.