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WPC publishes a newsletter with the latest happenings around the church.
To submit material for the newsletter, contact the Communications Coordinator.

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  1. Newsletters : October 24, 2018

    October 24 Newsletter

    In This Issue

    Concerns & Celebrations, Hurricane Recovery Day Trips, Hurricane Clean-up Kits, Teen Anxiety & Depression Church School Elective for Adults, Stewardship 2019: “Take Heart,” Lovefeast Choir, One World Market, Fellowship Committee, Office Help Needed, An Afternoon of Art, WSYC: Enrollment Time, October Session Notes, Youth Group News, All Saints’ Day, Ekklesia Worship, Library News, Advent 2018: Save the Dates, Worship Volunteers’ Schedule

  2. Newsletters : October 4, 2018

    October 4 Newsletter

    In this Issue:
    Concerns & Celebrations, October’s Aperture, November WOW, Christmas Pageant Prep, Stewardship 2019: “Take Heart,” Volunteer Opportunities, An Afternoon of Art, One World Market, Westminster School for Young Children, Fall Inquirers’ Class, Youth Group News, Property Management Team, Clothing Sale Recap, Worship Schedule and Volunteer Listing

  3. Newsletters : September 13, 2018

    September 13, 2018 Newsletter

    In this Issue:

    Concerns & Celebrations, Worship This Fall, Haiti Medical Mission Trip, Community Clothing Sale, Welcoming New Staff, Rise Against Hunger Meal-Packing Event, Music News, Youth Ministry Calendar, Fall Adult Learning Opportunities, Our Upcoming Women’s Retreat, Preaching and Worship Volunteer Schedules.

  4. Newsletters : August 23, 2018

    August 23, 2018 Newsletter

    In this Issue:
    Message from Chris, Concerns & Celebrations, This Fall in Worship, Capital Campaign Update, Music News, Volunteer Opportunities, Scouts’ Enrollment, Young Families Supper Club, Youth Ministry Calendar, Session Notes, New Officers, Children’s Ministry News, Adult Learning Opportunities, In the Library, Preaching Schedule, Worship Volunteers, and more!

  5. Newsletters : August 8, 2018

    August 8, 2018 Newsletter

    In This Issue: Concerns & Celebrations, All-Church Family Fun Day, Celebrating Betty, Making Room Capital Campaign, Churchwide Clean-Up Day, Mission Stitches, Community Clothing Sale, Youth Ministry News, In the Library, Westminster School for Young Children, Update from Chris on Staff Transitions, What is Godly Plan, Teacher Training, Adult Learning Opportunities, Summer Book Club, Girls Scouts’ Enrollment, Preaching Schedule, Worship Volunteer Schedule

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