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  1. News & Articles : Celebrating Communion at Home on May 3

    On Sunday, May 3, we’re going to do something many of us never imagined we’d do:  We’re going to take communion together…virtually! That means each of us will celebrate communion in our homes as part of our worship on Sunday.

    This isn’t  the way we prefer to be in communion with one another, but now more than ever we as Christians long to meet Christ at the place where he has told us we will always find him. It’s time to gather with Jesus and the communion of the saints at God’s table; gathered to be fed, filled, and nurtured by the Spirit’s vision of the world.  With bread and cups in our hands and all of us doing this together, this sacrament will be a real celebration of Holy Communion.  Our PC(USA) denominational leaders and your Session have both approved this means of communion during this time.

    As your household – whether there is one of you or a dozen – prepares for communion, we ask that you make a few advance preparations. Get the details in this video by Cherrie, or follow the steps below:

    • Select a cup and plate to use. Your every-day cups and plates will work just fine, or you can get fancy and break out the china. Listen to the Spirit and do what you think most honors this time and space.
    • Find some sort of bread. A freshly baked loaf, a biscuit, a piece of gluten-free bread, or a cracker – it’s up to you.
    • Find some sort of drink. Grape juice or wine are the obvious choices, but any other kind of juice, coffee, tea, or even water (baptism!) will work. Again, listen to the Spirit’s call for the times.
    • If you need help securing any of these items, send us an email by Friday evening, and we will get them to you. If you are interested in making your own bread (as some of us did for Maundy Thursday), try this one-hour, four-ingredient recipe.
    • Place all these items in a central place before worship begins. This could be a table, a small stool, or a coffee table in front of your viewing monitor. When the time comes to share the elements, the pastors will instruct you what to do.

    Because this is a new experience for us all, be sure to take some time after worship to reflect upon your communion experience after worship on Sunday. As you eat lunch, ponder these questions to yourself or with those around you:

    • What did you notice?
    • How did this experience expand your understanding of the ways Jesus meets us in communion?
    • What concerns did you have doing communion this way?  In the end, were they justified?
    • Reformed Christians like to say that a sacrament is an “outward and visible symbol of an inner and spiritual grace.” How did this celebration of communion meet that definition of sacrament?
    • Are there other things in your life that might be sacramental by this definition of sacrament?

    Those interested in reflecting further on this new way of experiencing communion are invited to join the pastors in a Zoom time of reflection on Sunday at 5:00pm. To participate, send an email to by 3:00pm on Sunday, and a Zoom meeting connection will be sent to you by 4:30pm.  Contact: Cherrie Barton Henry


  2. News & Articles : Sunday Worship Services Now on YouTube

    Our Sunday morning worship services will broadcast on Westminster’s YouTube channel on Sundays at 11:00am. It’s easy to watch! Here’s what you need to know:

    • Go to to reach Westminster’s YouTube channel, and click the video you want to watch.
    • We’ll also post a direct link to the service on the home page of our website and Westminster’s  Facebook page by Sundays at 10:45 am. Click the link there for direct access to the video.
    • Hover your mouse over the lower part of the video to bring up the video controls. Click the “CC” icon there to turn on closed captioning, if it’s helpful to you.
    • You don’t need to have a Google or Gmail account to access Westminter’s YouTube channel and watch our videos, but it’s free to create one. Click here to learn how.
    • If you have an account, you can comment in the live-chat box as the video is streaming (upper right corner of screen). You can also subscribe to our channel and receive notifications when new videos are loaded there.
    • Please note: The embedded video on the worship services page of our website does not show the YouTube live-chat window. Live-chat only shows up on YouTube watch pages, not on embedded players. To view the live-chat, you need to pivot to by clicking the YouTube icon in the lower right corner of the embedded video. Or, you can visit the WPC channel directly on YouTube at, or by navigating to and typing “Westminster Presbyterian Church Durham” in the app’s search bar.

    Questions? Please send an email to, and our staff will be happy to assist you.

  3. News & Articles : Maundy Thursday Worship-at-Home Materials

    “Maundy” comes from the Latin word mandatum, or commandment, reflecting Jesus’ words “I give you a new commandment.” It was on this day that Jesus had his last meal with his disciples. Jesus broke bread, washed the disciples’ feet, and hinted at his coming crucifixion and betrayal. At the time, the disciples did not realize the significance of this moment, but now we recognize how powerful and special this last supper was. As a result, it is our Christian tradition to celebrate this evening with the gift of worship and the sacrament of Communion, just as the disciples did on that night. 

    This year, many of us are unable to gather together in person to share in Communion, so our staff has created an at-home liturgy to remind us that God meets us at every table. 

    There are two versions of the Maundy Thursday Home Worship – one for individuals and one for families or groups. Individuals are also invited to join Marietta for their Maundy Thursday worship through the Zoom video-conferencing platform on April 9 at 6:00pm. 

  4. News & Articles : Your Giving is Essential

    We ask that you please continue to give your offering and make your pledge payments even though we can’t gather in person at this time. Our Business Manager, Sharon Morgan, has created easy-to-follow, downloadable instructions on giving through your myWPC account. You can make a one-time gift or set up an automatic recurring gift. Please email Sharon Morgan, Business Manager, with any questions.

    If you choose to give by personal check, please mail it. Please do not hand-deliver checks to the church while Durham is under the stay-at-home order; the church office is closed through May 17.

    Thank you for supporting Westminster’s mission and ministries!


  5. News & Articles : Worship Online: How to Access Our Facebook Livestream

    How to Begin Streaming the Worship Service

    The worship service begins at 11:00am on Sunday. Organ preludes begin at 10:45am. We encourage you to begin streaming early so you can enjoy the music and settle in for worship.

    To begin streaming, go to Westminster’s Facebook Page:

    • You do not need a Facebook account to view the Livestream.
    • You may encounter a log-in panel from Facebook. You do not need to log in – Just click “Not now,” if that option is presented or ignore the panel and click on WPC’s Facebook page.

    NOTE:  If you visit the Westminster page before the streaming post has begun, you will not see the post “pop up.” Try refreshing your screen – click the refresh button if using a desktop computer, or swipe down to refresh if using a mobile device.

    Scroll down the page for the post with the title, “Live stream for Westminster Presbyterian Church Worship Service – [the date of the service].”  Make sure your sound is turned on, and click the image to begin viewing live. You may want to click the option (lower right) to enlarge the screen.

    A Few Pointers

    • For best results, view the Livestream on a device with a direct connection to the Internet, such as a desktop computer. If your Internet connection is slow, the streaming video and audio quality could become patchy.
    • If you missed the Livestream at 11:00am, you can come back to the page later and scroll down to find it.
    • We encourage you to comment while you’re watching. This helps foster a sense of community and makes you an active participant in the worship experience.
    • Our worship bulletins/announcements and children’s bulletins are available online. You can take a look before watching, download and print it, or refer to it during the service if your device facilitates that. Consider reciting along with your fellow congregants during the Call To Worship, Prayer of Illumination, and Affirmation of Faith.

    If you have any questions about Westminster’s worship Livestream, please email us. Thanks!

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