From the Sharing Our Mission given by Campaign Co-Chair John Graham in worship on Sunday, February 4:

Why a Capital Campaign?

Over the past five years, our church has developed a strategic plan for the future. The three pillars of the plan’s vision align with our long-standing call in Micah 6:8 –

  • to Do Justice, that is, our mission work,
  • to Love Kindness in the ways we care for each other, and
  • to Walk Humbly with our God as we cultivate discipleship and a deeper spiritual life

Several committees have studied whether Westminster’s facilities are adequate to fulfill this vision, and sought feedback from the congregation. A near-unanimous consensus emerged that a significant renovation of Fellowship Hall is needed to serve Westminster’s internal needs, to enable us to best serve others, and to prepare for the future. So, we are conducting a capital campaign to fulfill our church’s vision and purpose.

What Is a Capital Campaign?

A capital campaign is a “once per decade” fundraising activity to do something special, something above and beyond. Westminster’s annual operations are essential and they make us who we are, so it’s important that the capital campaign not take away from the annual operating budget. That’s why the capital campaign is above and beyond our operating expenses, which in this case means refurbishing the Fellowship Hall, updating parts of the Sanctuary and Mission Center, and paying off the mortgage on the property adjacent to our campus that we purchased in 2015.

Our History of Capital Campaigns

As you know, Westminster formed in 1963. What you might not know is that Westminster has conducted a capital campaign about every 10 years since then:

  • To build the Fellowship Hall and Mission Center in 1967
  • To build Calhoun Cabin in 1975
  • To build the Sanctuary and to purchase the organ in 1986
  • To extend the ends of Mission Center to add the Parlor, Music Room, and Youth Suite in 1995

It’s been 23 years since we’ve conducted a major capital campaign that involved building – we’re overdue.

Our church and buildings were built and paid for by past generations. The sacrifices made by those before us provided the space where we gather weekly to worship God and where we love and care for each other. They provided the foundation that allows us to launch our many missions and outreach. Now, it is our turn.

A Healthy & Vibrant Westminster

As a congregation, we have the resources for this campaign to succeed. We need to think very intentionally and very prayerfully about this campaign as we consider our support. The campaign will challenge us – but it will reward us many times over, as we grow in our generosity and live out our faith. Here’s why I agreed to co-chair this campaign:

  • I believe in Westminster Presbyterian Church.
  • I believe that a healthy and vibrant Westminster is important for Durham, and will allow us to Do Justice, as we serve here and beyond.
  • I believe that a healthy and vibrant Westminster provides a place for us to Love Kindness, as we care for each other and enjoy a place of peace in this fast-paced world.
  • I believe that a healthy and vibrant Westminster will allow us to Walk Humbly, as we deepen our spiritual connection to God.
  • I believe that it is our turn to provide for the here and now, and to pave the way for the future as we build a Westminster that welcomes all newcomers, people who will worship God and raise their families here.
  • And I believe that this campaign will help us to get there.

A whole team of volunteers and staff are helping lead this campaign. Feel free to talk with any of us, ask questions, and let us know if you would like to be involved in helping run the campaign. And, please, we ask for your prayers as we begin this journey.