Since we mailed the letter about the 2017 budget gap, many of you have asked questions like: “Why haven’t 37% of our members made a pledge? Should we be doing better than that?” The information below has been compiled to help address those questions:

To date, a total of 31.8% of Westminster households have not yet made a pledge for 2017. In the past six years, the lowest percentage of households without a pledge was 11% in 2013 (the first year of the “Community Stewardship Relay”-style campaign); the highest was 35% in 2016. Digging deeper, here are some statistics to help explain this year’s 31.8%:

  • 21 households give, but have not elected to pledge
  • 42 do not have a strong history of giving to the church
  • 62 are not likely to pledge for reasons ranging from relocation to illness to age
  • 3 are pledge losses or decreases resulting from issues surrounding the marriage decision

In the coming months, we’ll highlight different aspects of WPC’s giving and the call to generosity here in the newsletter. Learn how to make or increase your pledge.