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  1. Sermons : Life Unbound


     John 11:32-44; Revelation 21:1-6

    Guest Preacher: The Rev. Ashley-Anne Masters, Raleigh Presbyterian Campus Ministry Director

  2. Sermons : Grace Begets Gratitude, Gratitude Begets Generosity

    Psalm 116Mark 10:17-21

    Guest Preacher: The Rev Dr. Ted Churn, Executive Presbyter and Stated Clerk of the Presbytery of New Hope

    (Audio only)

  3. Sermons : Binding Us Together

    Psalm 124; James 5:13-20

    Guest Preacher: The Rev. Carrie Tuttle

  4. Sermons : For All by Libby Boehne, Duke University Presbyterian Campus Minister


    Mark 5: 21-43

    At this moment in Mark, Jesus’ ministry is building up and the crowds are really beginning to follow Jesus—he’s healing people, he’s travelling, he’s preaching. People have noticed. Many want to be close to Jesus—-they are reaching out, pursuing him, just trying to brush shoulders with him, to feel his presence.

    And our story today is about two people who will do anything to know the healing touch of Jesus.

    First, we meet Jairus. He’s a Jewish man and a religious leader in his community.  People listen to him, he’s powerful, tall handsome. Though not all Jews are supportive of Jesus, Jairus is desperate to meet Christ because he wants Jesus to heal his dying daughter. The crowd let him through easily because he’s a local celebrity. They see him each week at the synagogue., he’s leading as they go to the place of worship for religious rites. Maybe like a local politician, the mayor of the city, a well-known activist. The principal of your school. The point is, everyone know who he is, and many feel sad for him. His 12 year old daughter is dying. He’s lived such a successful life and given so much to his community.

    He’s proactive in his search for Jesus, and the crowd parts because many believe he is worthy to know Jesus. His daughter deserves to be healed. He runs to Christ and falls at his feet, begging for healing.

    But maybe there are some in the crowd who believe that Jairus is not deserving of the power of Jesus. Why does he get to go to the front of the line when so many others are hurting as well? Why did the crowd part for him when other people are dying, too? He’s had plenty of good things in his life—-a good job, status in his city, plenty of money, a nice family and home. It’s somebody else’s turn to meet Jesus.

  5. Sermons : 2018 Youth Sunday

    Prayers of the People (written by Daniel Falkovic, Sarah Falkovic, and Betsy Kelly)

    Friends, let us pray.

    We pray for the world, for those in distress, for those in authority- that peace and justice might prevail.
    We pray for the nation, the state, local communities, and those who govern them- that they may know and have the strength to do what is right.
    We pray for the world- that we may use our resources responsibly and sustainably.
    We pray for those that struggle with their faith- that they may know God’s love and boldly share that love with others,
    We pray for those in the midst of transitions in life- that they may be guided by God’s word.
    We pray for those who are sick, grieving, lonely, and anxious- that they may be comforted and healed.
    We pray for those in our midst…
    Above all, we pray that everyone in this congregation, in our communities, and in the world know and share God’s perfect love.
    We pray these things together in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ who taught us to pray saying…Our Father…