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  1. Monthly Newsletter : January 10, 2018

    January 10, 2018 Newsletter

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    Concerns & Celebrations, MLK Day of Service, Come Serve the Shelter Meal, Session Notes: November 29, Finance Staff Update, Committee Budget Report, Learning to Use Your Bible, Lenten Book Read, Aperture: Third Wednesdays, we•form kids in Action!, Monday Morning Bible Study, Rooms Open for Retreat, Countering Pharaoh Elective, In the Library, 2018 Spring Women’s Retreat, WOW: First Wednesdays, Cheer for the Basketball Team, Westminster School for Children, From the Wehmeyers…, Patterns, Puzzles, Parts, Youth Ministry News, Make a Joyful Noise in 2018!, Community Opportunities, Preaching Schedule, Worship Volunteers

  2. News & Articles : Make a Joyful Noise in 2018!

    January is a great time of year to join Westminster’s Chancel Choir. Except for the colder weather, January is just like September – the start of a whole new choir season.

    Now that Christmas is over, we begin the new year with a clean slate, and we’ll soon be preparing music for two of the most spiritually meaningful seasons of the church year: Lent and Easter. We will also begin work on our spring choral program, to be presented the evening of Sunday, May 6. This year’s theme – Love, Joy, and Peace – will serve as a framework for some wonderful and inspiring singing.

  3. News & Articles : MLK Day of Service

    Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service
    Monday, January 15, from 8am-1pm

    WPC and The Divan Center will share in fellowship together as we work side by side on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Volunteers from both faith communities will gather at WPC for a light breakfast at 8am before heading to work sites in Durham, including Habitat for Humanity and Urban Ministries.

    The Divan Center, located in Cary, was founded in 2005 by the Turkish-American Community of North Carolina. Its mission is to promote understanding, friendship, and tolerance, and thus seek “Harmony within Diversity” among the cultures of the world through dialogue. Our joint Day of Service will help our  faith communities further live into our respective missions, and allow us to do so while serving those in our community that need support. Our morning will end with a shared lunch at Westminster at 12pm.

    Sign up today. Contact: Forrest Perry (

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