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  1. Online Worship Services : What A Morning!

    Isaiah 26: 6-10
    John 20: 1-18

    It is such a joyous morning!  Everyone is dressed in colorful clothes, the choir and brass are here in full and wonderful sound, the flowers of spring surround us, inside and out. Easter is indeed a joyful day because it is the day we remember that God, in Jesus, conquered death and sin by rising from the grave.

    And so we sing.  Don’t you think the first disciples at the empty tomb must have sung in joy?  It would not be an African spiritual like “My Lord, What a Morning,” or a hymn like “Jesus Christ is Risen Today,” but it may have been a Hebrew song, a chant or a psalm. 

  2. Online Worship Services : Can We Be Holy and Authentic?

    Exodus 30:22-30
    Mark 14:3-9

    In the book we are reading together for Lent, “A Bigger Table,” author John Pavlovitz talks about how he lost himself as a pastor while working for a church because he found he had to tell certain lies in order to protect himself and his job. One would think that lying should go against the grain for a pastor. And it did also for the woman he also tells about, Sandra, whose rural church community became uncomfortable with the way she was wrestling with Scripture passages from the pulpit. She was given the choice to quit being so honest, or to be fired. “I’d rather be an honest ex-minister than an employed liar,” she said. And she was relieved of her position by the church elders.