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  1. Online Worship Services : February 21, 2021

     Sermon by the Rev. Chris Tuttle | Watch now

  2. Articles & Resources : Faith Formation @Home: Lent 2021

    We invite you to take part in this season of preparation and renewal by engaging in a variety of rituals, prayer practices, and gatherings online to ground us and unite us as the Body of Christ in these times. We can prepare our hearts and our homes to focus on God through ritual, prayer, and meaningful times together. Use these activities to reflect on the significance of these important gateways into the season of Lent. Set an intention, on your own or with others in your household, to stay focused on Jesus. 

    RITUAL:  Sign of the Cross

    Rather than using ashes, make the sign of the cross. Choose a time you will make the sign. It might be before you pray or when you get up in the morning and return to bed in the evening. How to make the sign of the cross

    PRAY: The Lord’s Prayer Challenge

    Jesus taught his followers to pray the Lord’s Prayer. This Lent, allow this prayer to help you focus on Jesus.  You might choose to pray the Lord’s Prayer every day throughout Lent or you might learn the Lord’s Prayer in another language. You can also sign up to receive daily reflections throughout the season. Sign up now

    Second Week in Lent

    This week, let’s dig into WHO we’re praying to! Church School meets at their usual times with Grades 1 – 4 focusing on The Lord’s Prayer.  Watch your emails for coloring pages coming your way. Try one or more of these activities this week. 

    DO: How do you address God in your prayers? 

    This week, expand your family’s names for God. You could put a large piece of paper up in the kitchen. Add the words, “Our Loving God.”  Encourage members of your family to write or draw new names for God when they think of them. When you pray with your children, ask, “What name can we use for God today?” When you pray for your children, challenge yourself to use a name for God you don’t regularly use and notice if and how that shifts your sense of connection with God.

    SING: Hallowed Be Thy Name 

    Listen to or sing along with this sung version of the Lord’s Prayer. 

    WATCH & LEARN:  The Lord’s Prayer in American Sign Language

    Watch this video in which Marietta’s sister Belinda, who is an interpreter for the deaf, talks a little about American Sign Language and the Deaf Community. Then she shows how to sign the prayer that Jesus taught his first disciples and that his disciples everywhere still pray!  If you decide you’d like to learn it, don’t try to learn it all at once. See the link for the timing of each part so you can jump in wherever you need to:  Let’s Learn the Lord’s Prayer Video 

  3. Online Worship Services : February 17, 2021

    Ash Wednesday Service Watch now
    Worship Bulletin & Lenten Program Guide | Ash Wednesday Family Resources

  4. Online Worship Services : February 14, 2021

    Sermon by the Rev. Cherrie Barton Henry | Watch now
    II Kings 2: 9-13, Mark 9: 2-8

  5. Online Worship Services : February 7, 2021

    Sermon by the Rev. Chris Tuttle | Watch now
    Mark 1:29-39