Haiti arrival 4:15 AM came early but we all made it! The trip was amazingly uneventful and we got through customs with all our donations before we knew it. We were amazed at watching the men lift our nearly 50 lb bags onto the top of the van and tie them on.

We stopped at a market to buy our lunch supplies for the week.The aroma of the fish was perhaps the most memorable part of that– or maybe the huge bump in the road going into the market. We were glad when we got to the Palm Inn hotel and got out of the van. We were packed in tight but were grateful for the air conditioning. Coming through the gate was like paradise compared to the streetsHaiti dinner outside, even with the armed guard who stays in our courtyard all the time.

Pastor Leon joined us for dinner and we began to prepare for our work tomorrow.

After a short devotional and a session to organize the dresses (they will be given to the children during the church service tomorrow), we are headed to bed.

We thank God for a safe day and a good beginning.