DTW Architects worked with members of the church’s Facilities Review Committee to address the most important needs of the congregation. However, these recommendations are nevertheless a starting point to be developed into final plans for construction.

Fellowship Hall Renovations & Additions

As shown on the drawings that follow, we are suggesting a sizeable addition to the existing Fellowship Hall. Square footage would triple from 3,330 to 9,695. The dining seating area would expand from approximately 150 to 260, with 48 of these in glassed side rooms that could also be used separately from the main dining area. There would be more and larger windows, and updated, more efficient lighting so the space would be much brighter than now.

Additional meeting spaces are also needed, and this addition would provide five in total: two large ones that could be opened into one space, a smaller meeting room near the dining area, and as mentioned earlier, two other rooms that are part of the dining area could also be used for meetings.

The current cramped kitchen would be replaced with one that is more than twice as large. This would enable workers to serve the larger dining hall much more efficiently. There would also be a kitchen storage room about twice as large as the current one.

A connector is envisioned between the existing Fellowship Hall and parking on the east side, along the south end of the Mission Center. This will allow easy access both from parking to the Fellowship Hall, as well as between the Fellowship Hall and Mission Center.

Another entrance Lobby would be on the south side (as sidewalk enters now). This would have a ramp that allows congregation members entering from this direction easy access to meeting rooms and Fellowship Hall, as well as a path toward the Mission Center and Sanctuary.

Restrooms would be considerably larger, as required by current codes.

Multipurpose Building

As shown on the drawings, a new Multipurpose Building would be built on the south side of the campus. This would take advantage of the land as it slopes down (away from the current parking area), so one would enter on the upper level (at the parking level), and the extra-tall floor below would be nestled into the hillside, thus limiting its mass as viewed from the rest of the campus.

The main hall of the Multipurpose Building would provide full-court basketball and volleyball. It would also have a raised stage with storage for tables and chairs on either side. This would allow the space to be used for large gatherings.

In addition, there would be two small locker rooms with two showers each. Restrooms would be on this main level, as well as a small one on the entry level. Also on the entry level is a small meeting room. There would be an elevator providing accessibility between floors.

Site Improvements

Several improvements are planned for the site. A small parking area will be situated near the Sanctuary, and a ballfield and picnic shelter will be built to nurture fellowship in outdoor spaces. An amphitheater will overlook the required bioretention pond, and the existing walk in the woods will be expanded. In addition, the exit road would be relocated to the far east side of campus, allowing outside play areas to be reached without crossing the road.

Other site improvements include water and sewer connections as well as a service road to the new Multipurpose Building. Storm drainage improvements would also be done at the existing cabin.

Major Maintenance Items

Included in the project cost estimate are the following items:

  • Sanctuary Portico Column Rehabilitation
  • Roof Replacement/ Sanctuary & MC
  • HVAC Replacements/ Mission Center
  • Mission Center 2nd floor Sound Improvements
  • Interior Finishes & Sound System/ Sanctuary