Facilities Review Feedback

The Facilities Review Task Force reached out to as many WPC groups as possible to find out what they viewed as the needs of the church facilities, both now and in the future. Feedback from each group was compiled into the comprehensive list of needs below.


  • Congregational survey says not to increase capacity
  • Need an integrated sound system (with built-in recording capability)
  • Carpet is worn; varnish on woodwork is worn
  • Robing room is too cramped
  • Bells would like dedicated storage space in sanctuary
  • Steinway quality piano
  • Storage space at the back
  • Courtyard is valuable asset (in good weather)

Mission Center

  • Need a space where 50 people gather to hear a speaker (& is not the choir room)
  • Hallway upstairs is noisy and disrupts classes
  • Parlor is too small for bigger funerals (FH is too shabby for large funerals)
  • Parlor kitchen too small/lacks counter space to service larger events in the Parlor
  • Need meeting space that is more accessible for seniors
  • Youth group has outgrown youth suite for all youth meetings. (Suite still used for SS)
  • Preschool has adequate space
  • Carpet in the music room is worn
  • Want ‘3rd Room’ space to hang out


  • Excellent for scouting
  • Too small for La Nueva gatherings
  • Wish it had more classrooms
  • Access is awkward due to the fence
  • Erosion & drainage around and in front of the cabin needs to be fixed
  • Plumbing needs to be improved
  • Can upstairs room be made usable?

Fellowship Hall

  • Lighting is inadequate; Acoustics are bad; Sound system is insufficient
  • Space is too small for all-church dinners; cub scout banquets (should seat 250)
  • Kitchen is too small for large dinners; needs independent A/C
  • Bathrooms need to be expanded
  • FH needs a water fountain
  • Scouts, youth and WSYC use FH as a ‘gym’- Prefer studier space (no windows to break)
  • Want a more formal, ‘dressier’ space, suitable for larger gatherings, worship, wedding receptions, funerals
  • Want flexible space that can be configured for multiple-smaller meetings, with a foyer/
  • reception area

General Needs

  • More classroom space accessible to groups with children
  • Flat ground for children to play (aka a field)
  • Space for children over 6 to play
  • Outdoor recreation spaces (e. g. Bocce ball, basketball)
  • Outdoor classroom/picnic shelter
  • Outdoor grill
  • Outdoor worship space/amphitheater
  • Designated fire pit
  • Space that could serve as a chapel
  • Memorial Garden needs to stay where it is
  • Wi-fi available everywhere; improved A/V availability
  • Improved accessibility throughout campus

Campus Maintenance Needs

  • Many of the HVAC systems need to be replaced by 2020
  • Roof replacements are upcoming. Existing roofs are 14-28 years old
  • Sanctuary columns are due for replacement
  • Driveways/parking lots are due for repair/restriping
  • Missions center window replacement recently completed