Executive Summary

DTW Architects has prepared the following report in conjunction with members of the church’s Facilities Review Committee. This report is the result of reviews of previous church reports and congregation feedback, on-site measurements, and analysis and design proposals for potential additions and renovations. The Facilities Review Committee met for three months before DTW joined the team; DTW met with the Committee from January through June, 2016.

Existing Facility

The Facilities Review Committee collected feedback from the congregation concerning general needs and specific desired improvements. Previous studies had earlier been completed for maintenance issues that have been deferred and need to be addressed. A summary of these issues is here; more detailed information can be found under “Section 2: Existing Conditions.”

Maintenance Items

  • Sanctuary portico column replacements
  • Mission Center window replacements
  • Roof replacements
  • HVAC replacements

Expansion and Renovation Items

  • Existing Fellowship Hall renovation
  • Extend front porch of existing Fellowship Hall
  • Fellowship Hall addition, including meeting rooms and enlarged kitchen and restrooms
  • Multipurpose Building, with gymnasium space, stage and space for large gatherings
  • Additional parking near Sanctuary

Fellowship Hall Addition

Working with the Facilities Review Committee, DTW Architects explored several options for building additions to meet the congregation’s needs. Two directions appeared promising: either a Fellowship Hall expansion and renovation plus a new Multipurpose Building, or a larger Fellowship Hall expansion and renovation that served both the need for a more formal space as well as a larger multipurpose space that could serve large groups and recreation needs. Initially, the Committee decided to explore the larger option. However, in order to address most of the items on the congregation’s list of needs, the building size and mass did not match the character and scale of the campus. Ultimately, the Committee decided to focus on the two-building option, with both an expanded Fellowship Hall and a separate Multipurpose Building. The expanded Fellowship Hall includes these features:

  • Larger seating area with interior windows
  • Additional meeting rooms
  • Enlarged kitchen Interior connector between Mission Center and Fellowship Hall
  • Additional windows creating a visual connection to the rest of the campus

Features in the Multipurpose Building:

  • Full-court basketball and volleyball
  • Stage
  • Storage rooms for tables and chairs
  • Locker rooms (in larger Multipurpose scheme)

The benefits of the two-building solution are as follows:

  • Fellowship Hall expansion matches the existing campus architecture
  • Multipurpose Building uses existing grades to better compliment the scale of campus
  • Allows a phased construction schedule, if desired
  • Keeps the worship campus more compact
  • Provides good drop-off locations, both for people and the delivery of goods

In addition, these renovations and additions would include accessibility improvements providing better access to all parts of the worship campus, and sustainable features that decrease energy and water use.