Facilities Master Plan: Envisioning Our Future

After more than two years of research and planning, the Session approved a strategic plan in June 2015. One of the initiatives that arose from the plan was the formation of a Facilities Review Task Force to think about how our campus – enlarged in 2015 with the purchase of five acres beside us – can best support our present ministry and the work that flows out of the strategic plan.

After extensive work, the task force presented a 20-year Facilities Master Plan to the Session. The plan attempts to think about what we need now and into the future with our facilities. In September 2016, the Session approved a process to communicate with the congregation and think about potential consultants for a capital campaign in the next few years.

Below are key excerpts from the 20-year Facilities Master Plan. View the whole plan and check out photos of places that the Facilities Review Task Force visited to get ideas for the Facilities Master Plan.

Image Gallery

From left to right: Existing Site Plan; Master Plan Recommendation; Fellowship Hall & Connector; Multipurpose Building; Fellowship Hall 3-D Views: East, Northwest, Southwest, Southeast