During the heart of Advent – with all of the gift giving, card sending, meal planning and travel scheduling – making a year-end financial pledge may not be top of mind. But, maybe there’s another way to look at our faith giving as an important part of the spirit of Advent itself.

The mission and work of the church rests on a foundation of generosity. Giving is the essence of the season. Our determination to give a portion of what we have is a reflection of our faith in the transformational power of Christ – in this world, in our community, in our families, and in each of us individually.

Together we celebrate the $851,710 given or pledged so far to support the work of the church in this coming year. Over 57% of our congregation (226 out of 396 households) has offered a pledge. But everyone is needed. If you have not yet renewed your pledge, or if you are considering a pledge for the first time, your act of generosity this Advent season is still needed. Our gifts, bound together in community and shared for the benefit of all, bring the power and promise of a world transformed. Pledge online or contact Elizabeth Takla to make a pledge.