Lawn BowlingAfter a high-spirited goodbye at RDU, an intense viewing of the first half of the USA vs. Germany game, a short flight to Philadelphia, a 4-hour layover that turned into a 6-hour one, a long flight across the pond during which a flight attendant spilled hot coffee all over my lap (followed by an absence of any form of apology or show of remorse), the acquisition of youth number 11 (Jack Mountain), a Starbucks run, several bus rides, half the group walking countless blocks after mistakes were made with their hotel address, lawn bowling, a lunch at which five or six fell asleep while waiting for their food, going to a museum, visiting the University of Glasgow and playing more lawn bowling or taking a nap, more coffee, a rendezvous at the Kelvin Hotel, a delicious dinner at which several more people couldn’t manage to keep their eyes open, and a walk back to our respective hotels, we are now passing out one by one even though it is still light outside and will be till around midnight. This day (or two days I guess, even though the sun hasn’t fully set for us yet) was certainly tiring but also incredibly enjoyable and exciting. Thanks to all you friends and family who have prayed for and supported us! We would not be in the middle of this wonderful opportunity to explore our faith and the beautiful country that is Scotland if not for you! 

Will Dozier