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When the Psalmist wrote Psalm 104, it seems the writer was overcome with joy at the dizzying diversity with which God had fashioned the world. Mentions of gushing springs, the fruit of the earth, cattle, bread, trees, and wild goats – all are fodder for robust conversation and what we are doing as individuals, churches, and communities to stand up for God’s creation.

That’s what the new Creation Care 101 class is all about:  care for God’s creation. It’s a term that’s becoming more widely used in association with environmental healing and justice. It means more Christians are taking God’s command seriously to “tend and keep” God’s creation. But conserving and cultivating care are huge challenges, so that’s where Creation Care 101 comes in. It’s a wonderful blend of science and spirituality that’s offered free to faith-based communities, alongside multiple tools to help you take action. Join other WPC members and begin a journey of restoring faith, justice, and care for God’s creation. The class sessions feature talks from leading theologians and scientists and inspiring stories from churches. Each 90-minute session will be offered live on Zoom on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00pm. All sessions are recorded, so don’t worry if you can’t make every class. The first class was held in September, but you can catch up by watching the recording. Register now or contact Marietta Wynands with any questions.

Class Topics and Sessions

Oct 13: Eating: Theology of Food
Nov 10: Hosting: Honorable Gatherings
Dec 8: Purchasing: Living Simply & Justly
Jan 12: Regenerating: Soil, Compost, Waste
Feb 9: Reframing: Water & Energy
Mar 9: Planting: Gardens & Spaces
Apr 13: Planning: Pulling it Together