Monthly Archives: September, 2020

  1. Online Worship Services : September 20, 2020

    Sermon by Chris Tuttle  | Worship online with us
    Matthew 20: 1-16

  2. Online Worship Services : September 13, 2020

    Sermon by Chris Tuttle | Watch Now
    Psalm 114: 1-8Matthew 18: 21-35

  3. News & Articles : NEW Fall Church School Elective: “In These Trying Times”

    Continue the conversation from September’s Aperture event in this three-week Fall Church School elective, facilitated by Geoff Vaughn. Two separate groups will meet for three Sundays each.

    • Confirmation Class starts Sept 20 This class will be for parents and caregivers of our 2021 Confirmands. During these sessions we will discuss spiritual perspectives, confusion, challenges and growth of our eighth graders and how we can better support them on their spiritual journeys. We will also devote time to discussing specific challenges they are experiencing in this season of the pandemic, of the social and political unrest in our world, and their resultant uncertainty, frustration and fear.
    • “In These Challenging Times” Class starts Oct 11 This class will serve as an extension of the Aperture Class facilitated on September 16 (but attendance at that initial session is not necessary). We will continue our investigation of how the myriad current stressors in our communities continue to generate significant internal stress, as well as ways we can find relief, comfort, and support as this season of uncertainty wears on.

    Register Now

    Watch a message from Geoff about the topics he’ll be covering in this timely elective.

    Geoff Vaughn is a Medical Family Therapist at the Duke Cancer Institute. His clinical focus is on coping with traumatic experiences. Geoff provides psychotherapy for teens and young adults with cancer.

  4. News & Articles : Aperture Returns WEDNESDAY, September 16 at 6:30pm

    “In These Challenging Times: A Class on Fearing, Coping, and Hoping,” a Conversation with the Whole Congregation (online)   Facilitated by Geoff Vaughn

    2020 has been a year like no other in recent history. Our local, national, and global communities have and continue to endure challenges in unfamiliar ways and at unprecedented levels. As this season of stress wears on, our abilities to cope with chronic fear and find some acute relief are increasingly strained.

    We kick off Aperture, a monthly series that engages speakers from the community and congregation, with Geoff Vaughn, who will offer a platform for discussion about this taxing time. We will start by looking at some fundamentals of stress-inducing environmental events, their origins and characteristics, and how we perceive and react to them as individuals and as groups. We will then move into a discussion about stress and its physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual impact. This will lead us to an investigation of strategies to better manage this stress – ways to instill an increased sense of hope and strength as we all move forward in this uncertain time.

    Please contact Marietta Wynands, Director of Christian Education, for the Zoom link and info.

    Geoff Vaughn is a Medical Family Therapist at the Duke Cancer Institute. His clinical focus is on coping with traumatic experiences. Geoff provides psychotherapy for teens and young adults with cancer.

  5. News & Articles : Join us for Rally Day on Sunday, September 13!

    Come to campus, greet Westminster pastors and program staff, and gather information on the coming year of Christian Education programs and opportunities!

    We’ll get started in the morning with Zoom meet-ups for all ages, then gather online for worship. From 1:00-3:00pm, you’re invited to come to campus and enjoy drive-through stations for Children & Families, Adult Christian Education, Youth Group, Local Missions, and Fellowship. See the event schedule below.

    Bring boxes of cereal to support families served by Iglesia Presbiteriana Emanuel’s food distribution ministry.  You can drop them off at the Rally Day Missions Station.

    Rally Day is an all-ages event to celebrate and embrace our commitment to Christian Education at Westminster,

    as we discover wonderful new ways to learn about God and walk the disciple’s path in these together/apart times. See you there!

    Rally Day 2020 – Schedule of Events

    9:45 – 10:00am All-Church Zoom Gathering
    Adult Classes
    10:00 – 10:15am Adult Classes Video Introductions
    10:15 – 10:45am Present Word Zoom, Sojourners Zoom
    Children’s & Youth Classes
    10:15 – 10:25am Preschool/K & Elementary Classes Zoom
    10:30 – 10:45am 5th/6th grade Zoom
    10:30 – 10:45am 7th grade Zoom
    10:00 – 10:45am Confirmation (including parents)
    10:30 – 10:45am High School Zoom
    Worship Online 11:00am – 12:00pm
    Drive-Through Car Rally
    1:00 – 2:00pm For last names beginning A – M
    2:00 – 3:00pm For last names beginning N – Z

    Please contact Marietta Wynands, Director of Christian Education, with any questions.