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  1. Articles & Resources : Guide for Accessing Westminster’s Online Worship Services and Social Media


    You can watch our online worship services on Westminster’s YouTube channel. We share other video content to YouTube as well, including Christian education programs and video activities, story-telling, and resources coordinated by our Director of Christian Education, Marietta Wynands.

    You can reach our channel by visiting to reach Westminster’s YouTube channel. There’s also a direct link to the channel on the home page of our website and a direct link to the day’s worship service on our Online Worship Services page.

    Worship services go live Sundays at 10:45am starting with announcements and music preludes.

    Hover your mouse over the lower part of the video to bring up the controls. Click the “CC” icon there to turn on closed captioning, if it’s helpful to you.

    YouTube exists within the suite of apps offered by Google. You do not need a Google account to access Westminter’s YouTube channel and watch our videos, but it’s free to create one.

    A Google/Gmail account will give you access to all of Google’s applications, including YouTube. If you have a Google/Gmail account, you can comment in the live-chat with your WPC friends as the video is streaming (upper right corner of your screen), and you may post in the public comments section below the video. You can also subscribe to Westminster’s channel and receive notifications when new videos are loaded there.

    Please note: The embedded video on the worship services page of our website does not show the YouTube live-chat window. Live-chat only shows up on YouTube watch pages, not on embedded players. To view the live-chat, you need to pivot to by clicking the YouTube icon in the lower right corner of the embedded video. Or, you can visit the WPC channel directly on YouTube at, or by navigating to and typing “Westminster Presbyterian Church Durham” in the app’s search bar.


    Here we share information, inspiration, photos, chuckles, and shout-outs. You don’t need a Facebook account to view Westminster’s page, but you do need one to join the conversations, comment, and share our posts.

    Facebook Families Group

    Families at WPC Durham is the church’s Facebook group for families with children and youth still at home. Here our staff shares Westminster’s Christian education activities, learning opportunities, tips for faith formation at home, and much more. It’s also a forum for Westminster families to share resources and ideas and connect outside of Sunday. Families of WPC Durham is administered by Marietta Wynands, our Director of Christian Education.

    A Facebook account is required for you to view posts by group members, join the group, and participate/post within Families of WPC Durham.


    Instagram is a mobile-based social media app that allows users to share photos and videos and engage with others.

    Westminster has two Instagram accounts: @wpcdurham and @wpcdurhamyouth. @wpcdurham is the main Instagram account for Westminster. @wpcdurhamyouth is the Instagram account for our youth ministry.

    Both of these may be viewed on an Internet browser by visiting and entering the account handle you wish to view. But Instagram is designed primarily for use via mobile, so consider installing the app to your mobile device for the best user experience (Note: You may be prompted to create an account). Like Facebook, however, an Instagram account is required if you wish to follow Westminster on Instagram and interact with our posts.

    Questions? Please send an email to, and our staff will be happy to assist you.

  2. Articles & Resources : NEW Online Christian Education Courses

    Our congregation is embarking on a wonderful new journey in Christian formation.  We’re opening our own online school  This means we’ll be able to take courses together on a variety of topics including scripture and many areas of personal and spiritual growth.  

    Some courses are taught by experts through videos, while other courses will follow a more traditional format with at-home readings and questions for reflection. Each time a course is introduced, we’ll meet by Zoom to discuss what we’re learning. Online School will allow us to learn what we want, when we want, and at our own pace. While we need to keep our distance, we’ll still be able to learn and connect with one another as we do so. Here are our first two course offerings:

    Online School for June:  Practices
    Small Group Conversations via Zoom:  Mondays, June 1, 8. 15. 22, and 29, 7:00pm

    What are essential practices for a Christian way of life? Gain perspectives on prayer, food, worship, sacraments, money, service, and community from seven Christian thought leaders.  

    For each Animate: Practices session, participants will watch a video on their own. Each video features  a leading voice from the Christian faith. Students will spend time on personal reflection and journaling, and share ideas with the group when we gather via Zoom. 

    Both courses will be by Marietta Wynands, our Director of Christian Education. Sign up now for one or both courses. Please contact Marietta with any questions.

    You may also join one of our ongoing Bible groups that are meeting via Zoom.  Learn more

  3. Online Worship Services : May 3, 2020

    Sermon by Chris Tuttle | Watch Now

    Psalm 23 | Acts 2: 42-47